With the roll-out of connected cars, services such as live traffic and live parking have become standard requirements. Parkopedia can provide static and dynamic parking information, as well as the ability to book and pay for parking, all seamlessly integrated into the vehicle navigation system.

  • Depending on the integration specifics, drivers can see accurate information on hours of operation, security, availability of Electric Vehicle charging, as well as the likelihood of finding an available parking space, based on the time and day of their arrival.
  • As the manufacturer, you can choose to give drivers the ability to book and pay for parking, leveraging in-car technology to create a seamless experience for the driver.
  • The head-unit parking interface can be fully skinned and integrated into the navigation system. 

So whether you are looking to launch a parking service in America, Europe or Asia, all the information is delivered in the same, consistent, easy-to-use format.


Our clients

Companies like Audi, BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Toyota, Volvo, VW and more trust Parkopedia to provide parking services to their drivers.

Parking search and predicted availability: Audi

Parking data search: Mazda

Parking data search, reservations and in-car transactions: Mercedes-Benz