As the automotive industry rushes to full automation, parking is often overlooked. Parkopedia is building an automated valet parking system that navigates an autonomous vehicle to an open parking space, executes parking automatically and responds to “return to driver” summons.

Automated valet parking benefits include:

  • Driver drop-off at a convenient location (e.g. at a hospital or shopping centre entrance), reducing inconvenience/stress;
  • Increased parking venue efficiency through tighter/double parking of autonomous cars, and optimal vehicle distribution within available real estate;
  • Reduced congestion and pollution through real-time dissemination of parking space availability to connected cars.

Existing multi-storey and underground parking garages feature diverse floor plans and signage, and do not have GPS signal. Highly Autonomous Driving parking maps and corresponding algorithms are therefore required to figure out where an autonomous vehicle is and how to guide it to a space, and are the focus of Parkopedia’s innovation.

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