Last Mile

Last mile companies running delivery fleets and networks of independent contractors in dense, urban environments experience a number of problems associated with parking:

  • Fines: Parking citations cost the global last mile industry at least $1 billion annually, with some firms having to pay millions of dollars in parking fines. Knowing where to find legal, available parking spots and then automatically pay for them reduces spend on fines.
  • Inefficiency: Parkopedia can map legal, available parking near to delivery stops, saving valuable time that is often lost looking for a place to park the van or by parking too far off-route.
  • Congestion: Double parked and illegally parked delivery vehicles block traffic, causing delays and congestion on busy urban streets, creating ill will with city governments.
  • Safety: Illegal parking is a safety issue for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and a liability for delivery companies.
  • Visibility: just as delivery companies are tracking their assets on a multitude of metrics, parking behaviour can also be tracked and optimised.

Parkopedia’s global database of millions of on-street parking spots, restriction information and predicted availability can be used in route planning to reduce time between deliveries, prevent parking fines and make the streets safer and more efficient.


About our Data

Parkopedia leads the market in parking data services, with 70 million parking spaces globally across 15,000 cities. Parkopedia provides its customers with parking intelligence based on a combination of static and dynamic data:

  • Dozens of static data attributes are gathered for every location, including the precise location of both parking garages/lots (“off-street”) and street parking (“on-street”), including details on the number of spaces, prices, hours of operation, electric vehicle charge points, height restrictions, and more. 
  • Dynamic data uses a combination of real-time data and sophisticated predictive models to determine parking space availability at any given time, providing occupancy as well as “probability to find parking”, per-street segments, and leveraging parking payment transaction data, digital imagery and vehicle sensor data, to provide the highest quality predictions.

Our data is available via API or feed, through a single interface to on and off-street parking locations and restrictions, plus dynamic availability and payments integration.


The Parkopedia Difference

Parkopedia leads the market in parking data services, with the highest level of data completeness, granularity, and accuracy. Parkopedia also conducts research and gathers insights across our users to better understand not only what influences parking location selection now, but also what parking solutions drivers are looking for from their cars and parking operators in the future.

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