Boston catching up with New York for medium and long-term parking prices

Insights from Parkopedia's 2019 North America Parking Index


  • The 2019 North American Parking Index report looks at the 50 most expensive cities in North America for paid parking, both on-street and in parking garages.
  • New York retains its position as North America’s most expensive city for 2-hour parking, for both on-street and off-street.
  • Montreal is the most expensive Canadian city for paid 2-hour on-street parking, as well as off-street.
  • In the majority of cities in North America, 2-hour on-street prices are significantly cheaper than off-street parking rates; only Miami Beach has cheaper off-street parking.
  • New York is also the most expensive city for daily and monthly parking, with Boston in second position for both daily and monthly prices. 

The 2019 North America Parking Index report provides an update on the 50 most expensive cities for short-stay, daily and monthly paid parking in North America, data which was first analysed in Parkopedia’s 2017 report. The report also includes street pricing for the first time, as well as an analysis of 10 US cities to understand the distribution of pricing, parking density and estimated yield within a city. Report highlights include:


Cost of 2 Hour Parking 

Motorists will find cheaper parking on-street as opposed to off-street (e.g. parking garage) in most North American cities, with significant price differentials in Denver, Boston, Jersey City, Newark and Dallas. Only Miami Beach has cheaper average prices for paid 2-hour off-street parking.

New York retains its position as the most expensive city in North America (and the world) for short-term off-street parking, with Chicago in second position and Boston in third. Montreal is now the most expensive Canadian city for 2-hour parking for both on-street and off-street, overtaking 2017’s most expensive city Calgary. 


Cost of Daily and Monthly Parking

The same 3 cities that rank most expensive for 2-hour off-street pricing - New York, Boston and Chicago - are also the most expensive for daily parking, as was the case in 2017.

New York is once again the most expensive North American city for monthly parking, with Boston in second as it was in 2017, with San Francisco pushed into fourth place behind Jersey City.


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