Our services enable you to get ahead of the curve, confident in a technology partner of unrivalled expertise and the reassurance that we will keep you there – with reliable, future-proof solutions.

Parking Operators

Our services are integrated into over 20 of the world’s leading automotive brands, as well as mapping and navigation providers. Combined with millions of direct users searching on our websites and mobile apps every month, we are ideally placed to increase the visibility of your parking facilities.

Mobile Navigation

We enable you to provide smartphone users with the ability to find and pay for parking within walking distance of their final destination.

Last Mile

Our database can be used in route planning to reduce time between deliveries, prevent parking fines and improve safety and efficiency

Mobility Services

Mobility solutions like ride-hailing, micro-mobility and autonomous vehicle operation need to understand parking restrictions and availability. By mapping the curb, we can help you optimise passenger pick-up and drop-off locations for safety and efficiency.


Financial services firms, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), real estate developers, planners, municipalities and others need to understand local parking, capacity, utilisation, pricing and restrictions to make smarter decisions.

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