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Global Driver Survey 2023

Parkopedia's latest 2023 Global Driver Survey, surveyed 5454 motorists worldwide, including 2225 EV owners, to explore the current parking and EV charging struggles connected car drivers face, as well as the in-car features they value most and those they would like to have in the future. The report highlights strong driver demand for accurate, integrated parking and EV charging services, and underlines key differences between the countries surveyed. 

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Global Parking Index 2022

The 2022 Global Parking Index report provides further insight into the ever-changing parking industry, comparing global parking prices while identifying the most expensive places to park, broken down by on- and off-street locations, and 2-hour, daily and monthly parking duration periods. The 2022 Parking Index also covers the latest trends that have the strongest influence on pricing changes worldwide and additionally includes daily on-street parking pricing for the first time since reports began in 2017.

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Frost & Sullivan 2021 China Smart Parking Report

A summary of results from market researchers Frost & Sullivan compare coverage and accuracy of leading parking data providers China with Parkopedia coming out on top.

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Strategy Analytics US Ground Truth Testing 2021

A summary of results from established independent automotive analysts, Strategy Analytics, covering the 2021 US Ground Truth Testing (GTT) exercise which compared parking data quality from the leading suppliers in the region.

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China Driver Survey 2021

Key insights from 1,600 drivers across Tier 1 and 2 cities in China analysing the trends, preferences and behaviours towards the latest parking technology affecting the Chinese automotive and parking industries

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The Role of Smart Parking 2020

This report provides insight on how the smart parking ecosystem is changing and the importance of collaboration across the industry, Frost & Sullivan conducted interviews with multiple automakers and parking operators from both North America and Europe.

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North America Parking Index 2019

The 2019 North America Parking Index report provides an update on the 50 most expensive cities for short-stay, daily and monthly paid parking in North America, both on-street and in parking garages.

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Global Parking Index 2019

The 2019 Global Parking Index provides an accurate and updated overview of the parking market globally, and also includes street pricing for the first time. The report also looks at 25 key cities across the globe to understand the distribution of pricing, parking density and estimated yield within a city. 

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Driver Research 2019

Insights from over 3000 drivers across Germany, UK and the USA, around what they want from cars of the future and parking, offering deep insights for automotive and parking brands looking to develop future products.

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Global Parking Index 2017

Based on Parkopedia's own dataset, the Index provides an accurate global overview of the parking market.

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