Parking Data

We lead the market in parking data services, with the widest off-street and on-street static and dynamic data coverage globally and in every market individually. We provide the highest level of data completeness, granularity, and accuracy.

In-Car Payments

Our In-Car payments platform adds vehicle-centric services including Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, fuelling and tolling to our existing industry-leading parking payment service. Our aim is to simplify how drivers make payments for the majority of vehicle-based purchases by aggregating a large variety of suppliers and payment providers into a single, neutral, payment platform.

Indoor Mapping

We are the people driving a new era of intelligent parking, constantly thinking of new ways to improve every stage of the experience. We are creating the mapping and technology that will enable automated parking using high-definition indoor maps of parking facilities.

EV Charging

Our EV Charging service will unify the highly fragmented public charging network and improve the driving experience for EV owners globally. Our aim is to solve two major issues affecting EV drivers today - finding and paying for charging.

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