Indoor Mapping

We are the people driving a new era of intelligent parking, constantly thinking of new ways to improve every stage of the experience.

Our focus enables car manufacturers to get ahead of the curve, confident they have a technology partner of unrivalled expertise. And the reassurance that we will keep them there – with reliable, future-proof solutions.

We are creating high definition indoor maps and the associated technology that will enable map-based navigation within parking facilities, as well as automated valet parking in the future.

Watch our latest demo

Watch the latest production demo of an autonomous vehicle utilising indoor mapping to localise and navigate within a covered car park.

How we do it

Existing multi-storey and underground parking facilities feature diverse floor plans and signage and do not have GPS signal.

We are developing high definition indoor parking maps and corresponding algorithms which can be used to provide navigation to an available parking space within each facility, and direct the driver back to their car.

Autonomous Valet Parking

We are also part of the Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) consortium, building an automated valet parking system that navigates an autonomous vehicle to an open parking space, executes parking automatically and responds to “return to driver” summons.

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