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Financial services firms, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), real estate developers, planners, municipalities and others need to understand local parking capacity, utilisation, pricing and restrictions to make smarter decisions.

We are the people driving a new era of intelligent parking.

How we do it

Our innovative data collection technology includes proprietary software, computer vision and AI. We build key partnerships to expand our coverage and maintain data freshness. Our staff includes PhD researchers who carry out cutting-edge parking modelling research, so we can predict space availability accurately – regardless of existing parking infrastructure. 

  • Dozens of static data attributes are gathered for every location, including the precise location of both parking facilities (“off-street”) and street parking (“on-street”), including details on the number of spaces, prices, hours of operation, electric vehicle charge points, height restrictions and more. 
  • Dynamic data uses a combination of real-time data and sophisticated predictive models to determine parking space availability at any given time, providing occupancy as well as “probability to find parking”, per-street segments, and leveraging parking payment transaction data, digital imagery and vehicle sensor data, to provide the highest quality predictions.

In short, we take parking very seriously.

Our global parking intelligence is available via API or feed, through a single interface to on and off-street parking locations and restrictions, plus dynamic availability and payments integration, across 90 million parking spaces.

All 90 million parking spaces in our global database are geo-referenced according to industry standards. 

Want to see examples of our client integrations?

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