Parking Data

With the roll-out of connected cars, services such as live traffic and live parking have become standard requirements. We lead the market in parking data services, with 90 million parking spaces globally and 90 countries.

Our innovative data collection technology includes proprietary software, computer vision and AI. We build key partnerships to expand coverage and maintain parking data accuracy. Our staff includes PhD researchers who carry out cutting-edge parking modelling research, so we can predict parking space availability accurately – regardless of existing parking infrastructure. 

In short, we take parking very seriously.

Static Data

Our static parking data is used by millions of drivers globally everyday, to choose their ideal parking space.

Dynamic Data

Our staff of PhD researchers carry out cutting-edge parking modelling research, so we can provide accurate parking space availability predictions.

Static Data

  • Dozens of static parking data attributes are gathered for every location, including the precise location of both parking facilities (“off-street”) and street parking (“on-street”), including details on the number of spaces, prices, hours of operation, electric vehicle charge points, height restrictions and more.

Dynamic Data

  • Providing space occupancy as well as “probability to find parking” by individual street segment and for off-street parking facilities.
  • Leveraging parking payment transaction data, digital imagery and vehicle sensor data including floating car data, ultrasonic sensor data and other types of sensor data to provide highest quality predictions.

Collecting and Maintaining Parking Data

We are confident we have the industry's highest quality data, gathered through robust collection methods and quality assurance processes. 

Besides sourcing “traditional” parking availability information from parking equipment such as barriers or sensors, our team of Data Scientists have also developed advanced mathematical models to derive space availability predictions in areas where no such parking infrastructure exists.

  • We work directly with parking operators and their payment providers to build key partnerships to expand our coverage and maintain data freshness. 
  • Our highly experienced surveying teams conduct in-person visits to parking locations worldwide, collecting photos and double checking data on opening hours, prices, etc. Parking information is regularly re-surveyed and "freshness" is monitored and tracked.
  • We use machine learning and computer vision technologies to collect data and assure completeness of coverage and data accuracy.
  • Both our B2C and B2B customers are able to easily report any changes to parking data. Integrations can be configured so that users can report data issues directly to us, which we review and action within 24 hours.

Technical Integration

Our global parking services are available via Parkopedia parking API or feed. All 90 million parking spaces in our global database are geo-referenced according to industry standards.

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