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With the roll-out of connected cars, services such as live traffic and live parking have become standard requirements.

We provide static and dynamic parking information, as well as the ability for drivers to book and pay for parking, all seamlessly integrated into the vehicle navigation system.

We enable you to get ahead of the curve, confident in a technology partner of unrivalled expertise, and the reassurance that we will keep you there – with reliable, future-proof solutions.

How we do it

Our staff includes PhD researchers who carry out cutting-edge parking modelling research, so we can predict space availability accurately – regardless of existing parking infrastructure.

  • Depending on the integration specifics, drivers can see accurate information on hours of operation, security, availability of Electric Vehicle charging, as well as the likelihood of finding an available parking space, based on the time and day of their arrival.
  • As the manufacturer, you can choose to give drivers the ability to book and pay for parking, leveraging in-car technology to create a seamless experience for the driver.
  • The head-unit parking interface can be fully skinned and integrated into the navigation system. 
In short, we take parking very seriously.

Our innovative data collection technology includes proprietary software, computer vision and AI.

We have built key partnerships to expand our global coverage and maintain data accuracy.

Who we work with

Our data is integrated with the biggest auto manufacturers and technology providers in the world, to bring new and improved parking experiences to millions of drivers globally.

Our clients include Apple, Audi, BMW, Ford, Garmin, GM, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, TomTom, Toyota, Volkswagen and many more. Here are a few examples of our integrations.


Showing parking search and availability


Showing parking search for off-street parking


Showing reservations and in-car parking transactions

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