Parking Operator Solutions

With the roll-out of connected cars, services such as live traffic and live parking have become standard requirements. Our services are integrated into over 20 of the world’s leading car brands, as well as mapping and navigation providers.

Combined with millions of direct users searching on our websites and mobile apps every month, we are ideally placed to increase the visibility of your parking facilities.

Working with us, you can be confident in a technology partner of unrivalled expertise, and the reassurance that we will keep you there – with reliable, future-proof solutions.


Our suite of products and services, which feature your parking locations, are integrated into the head-units of 20 of the world’s leading automotive brands, including Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen and more, as well as mapping and navigation companies including Apple Maps, Garmin and TomTom.

This in-car and smartphone visibility, combined with millions of users searching on our websites and mobile apps every month, means that we are ideally placed to increase the visibility of your parking facilities to drivers searching for parking near your locations.

We are able to combine all transaction types, to offer reservations, on-demand payments, and access and pay, as one seamless, integrated solution.

Transaction Providers

We work with your existing reservation and payment providers, to offer a single, combined solution to drivers directly via our own channels, and also in conjunction with auto manufacturers. 

With a single sign-on payment solution, the driver sets up one central account, usually with the automotive brand, which, via our platform, is then used to create all other sub-accounts with service providers, including parking operator reservation and payment providers or proprietary payment platforms. All changes to user accounts are managed through the same central account, providing a seamless service for the driver and enhancing the in-car experience.

How we do it

Our innovative data collection technology includes proprietary software, computer vision and AI. 

We work with parking operators to build key partnerships globally that enable us to expand our coverage and maintain data accuracy. By sharing location data, parking rates as well as occupancy levels with us online, you remain in control of your data at all times.

Our staff includes PhD researchers who carry out cutting-edge parking modelling research, so we can predict space availability accurately – regardless of the existing parking infrastructure. 

In short, we take parking very seriously.

As well as exposing parking locations to millions of drivers, we conduct research and gather insights across our users to better understand what influences parking location selection. We also conduct research to understand what parking solutions drivers are looking for from their cars and parking operators in the future. 

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