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‘5 in 5’ with Dr. Brian Holt

Our CTO, Dr. Brian Holt, celebrates 5 years at Parkopedia with a '5 in' interview by sharing technical insights and thoughts on the future of the automotive industry.

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‘5 in 5’ with Dr. Brian Holt

7 minute read

Our CTO, Dr. Brian Holt, celebrates 5 years at Parkopedia with a '5 in' interview by sharing...

Every drive begins and ends with a ‘parking experience.’ Parkopedia shares its obsession to make each one positive.

7 minute read

Our Marketing Director Adam Calland discusses business evolution and growth, ensuring positive...

New legislation will encourage the growth of public charging infrastructure but does it solve existing driver pain points?

6 minute read

Our latest blog post, by Parkopedia’s Head of EV, Adam Woolway discusses how new legislation,...

Navigating the ever-changing on-street parking landscape

6 minute read

We discuss how the global reduction of on-street parking to improve quality of life is increasing...

Intertraffic 2022 Event and Trends Summary

8 minute read

Our event summary discusses this years’ central themes of data covering increasing digitisation and...

Software will differentiate cars of the future, but how can automakers monetise the features drivers value most?

4 minute read

We explore how automakers need to leverage data collected from connected cars to produce an...

Industry predictions for 2022 and beyond

5 minute read

Our experienced team of product specialists look at the growing trends in the automotive, parking...

Investment in EV charging infrastructure is ramping up, but drivers still need more support from automakers to make the transition to electric

5 minute read

Our latest blog is by our new Head of EV, Adam Woolway, who discusses the global public charging...

Data sharing can improve the connected car experience for drivers, but is there transparency on how our data is being used?

7 minute read

Our latest blog post explores why automakers need to be transparent about how they use car data so...