2023 Global Driver Survey

Parkopedia's latest 2023 Global Driver Survey, completed in May 2023 by award-winning market research company, Borderless Access, surveyed 5454 motorists worldwide, including 2225 EV owners, to explore the current parking and EV charging struggles connected car drivers face, as well as the in-car features they value most and those they would like to have in the future. The report highlights strong driver demand for accurate, integrated parking and EV charging services, and underlines key differences between the countries surveyed. 

Initial Findings Press Release

Download the complete report to learn:

  • Key takeaways on the issues drivers face with parking and EV charging
  • Parking issues as a global concern with rising demand for integrated parking services
  • How the fragmented EV charging situation is impacting existing EV drivers and future EV sales
  • Differences in driver needs and demands across countries
  • Trends surrounding the in-car connected features drivers value most
  • Rise of in-car commerce demand

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