Parkopedia Skill Meets Alexa

Find, reserve and pay for parking with the Parkopedia Skill

How it works

The Parkopedia Skill allows US drivers to find, reserve and pay for parking lots and garages, either in advance or during their journey, all via voice.

When on the move, drivers can keep their focus on the road by accessing Parkopedia’s services through Alexa, to find available parking either at their current location or desired destination based on arrival time, with reservations and payments all completed via Alexa and Amazon Pay.

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Get Started

Once you've downloaded the Amazon Alexa app, you can enable the Parkopedia Skill in a few quick steps.

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Enable the Skill

Open the Alexa app or go to Select “Skills” and search for Parkopedia. From there, select “Enable” and accept “Terms and Conditions.”
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Link Your Account

Enter the email address and password for your Parkopedia account.
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Ask Alexa

You're all set! Ask Alexa to find and book a space for you.