Parkopedia and Irdeto announce Plug and Charge partnership to streamline global EV charging

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  • New multi-contract Plug and Charge solution leverages Parkopedia’s in-car Parking and EV Charging services and Irdeto’s CrossCharge technologies to offer a seamless charging experience to drivers and OEMs alike
  • New partnership provides EV drivers with a streamlined Plug and Charge experience, simplifying the process of authorising and paying for EV charging
  • OEMs benefit from Parkopedia’s extensive parking and charging data, in-car payment integration expertise plus Irdeto’s payment authentication and validation expertise

17 May 2024 - London, UK / Amsterdam, Netherlands

In a move set to transform the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, Parkopedia, the leading connected services provider for automotive OEMs, has teamed up with Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, to introduce the first true multi-contract solution designed to simplify the EV charging process, making it more accessible and secure for drivers globally.

The partnership leverages Parkopedia’s EV Charging service and Irdeto’s CrossCharge technologies to offer a seamless Plug and Charge experience. The joint solution allows EV drivers to effortlessly locate, pay for parking and charge their vehicles directly from their in-car media systems, eliminating the need for multiple apps or RFID cards.

Utilising Irdeto’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) expertise, this innovation not only bolsters security, but also introduces unprecedented flexibility and compatibility in EV charging. The advanced security solution, based on ISO 15118 standards, safeguards against potential cyber threats, ensuring a secure and reliable charging process.

Furthermore, the Plug and Charge solution offers an innovative approach that extends the utility of legacy vehicles by making them compatible with multiple contracts, enabling drivers to benefit from the greatest possible access to public chargers and the cheapest available tariffs. This compatibility ensures that older EV models can also benefit from the flexibility and security offered by modern charging infrastructure.

In addition to these user-centric benefits, the new solution simplifies compliance with ISO 15118 for vehicle manufacturers. This standard, which governs secure communication between EVs and charging stations, requires significant technical adherence, with the service reducing the development burden on manufacturers and providing OEMs with a multi-contract solution for ISO 15118. It also facilitates compliance with these industry standards, accelerating the adoption of EVs from improved secure and user-friendly charging solutions across the industry.

Highlighting the value of the partnership, Duncan Licence, CPO at Parkopedia, said: “We are proud to work with Irdeto to be able to offer the first true multi-contract Plug and Charge setup to the industry, providing EV drivers with the greatest possible access to EMSPs and lowest-cost tariffs. This is possible thanks to Irdeto’s extensive network of partnerships and cybersecurity expertise, expanding our trusted charging infrastructure to enhance accessibility for EV drivers everywhere.”

Niels Haverkorn, SVP and General Manager of Connected Industries at Irdeto, added: “The partnership with Parkopedia marks a significant milestone in our mission to drive security and simplicity in the digital world. Leveraging Irdeto’s expertise in cybersecurity and our commitment to innovation, we are poised to revolutionise the EV charging experience. Our collaboration is built on a shared vision of making EV charging more accessible, secure and seamless for drivers around the globe.”

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