Strategy Analytics - US Ground Truth Testing 2021 



Parkopedia continues to lead the industry in accurate and complete parking data


Highlights from the Strategy Analytics US GTT report: 

  • Impartial testing sees Parkopedia named as the leading parking data provider in the US, with the connected service provider ranked first in 10 out of 10 of the cities included in the study
  • The report is an independent evaluation of the accuracy and availability of parking information provided by three smartphone apps: Parkopedia, Inrix and Google. Of the three, only Parkopedia came close to fulfilling customer expectations 
  • Alongside traffic and weather, parking is the most requested driver information service, however, poor quality data is creating negative user experiences for drivers, and can be reputationally damaging to carmakers looking to build and preserve customer loyalty
  • From the results, Parkopedia provides automakers with an unrivalled data set - essential for positive current, and future, in-car user experiences and connected vehicle services 

The latest Ground Truth Testing (GTT), carried out by established independent automotive analysts, Strategy Analytics, compared static parking data between the three leading parking smartphone applications in North America: Parkopedia, Inrix and Google. Static data provides drivers with comprehensive parking information such as location, pricing, payment options, opening hours and any restrictions. 

Impartial testing

As one of the most requested driver information services, poor quality parking data can create frustrating user experiences for drivers and can be reputationally damaging to carmakers, looking to build and preserve customer loyalty. 

The study focused on 10 major US cities, with randomised locations selected in each city for comparative testing. The report showed the significant differences in completeness and accuracy of parking information available from Parkopedia, which ranked first in 10 out of 10 of the cities included in the study, especially when compared to Inrix and Google, who both showed significantly lower data quality. 

Complete and accurate data 

The study concluded that Parkopedia has the most complete coverage, and provides the most accurate details, about parking locations of all the providers assessed. Parkopedia is the only parking provider tested that comes close to fulfilling customer expectations, and displays the attention to detail, high levels of data integrity, and trust required to deliver next-generation connected vehicle solutions. 

Data collection 

Parkopedia is able to provide automakers with an unrivalled data set by using innovative data collection technology, including proprietary software, computer vision and AI, as well as establishing key partnerships to expand coverage and maintain its data accuracy. Cutting edge modelling research is also able to predict parking space, and EV charger availability, accurately, regardless of the existing infrastructure.

Next-generation connected vehicle services

Complete and accurate parking data is not just necessary for current positive driver user experiences, but also forms the foundation of the next generation of driver convenience products, such as EV charging information services.  

Unreliable public EV charger POI information is a major barrier to ownership for prospective EV customers, with as many as one-third of potential EV owners unable to charge their vehicles at home. Parkopedia’s recently announced ‘Park and Charge’ product leverages the company’s expertise and data management skills, to bridge the disconnect between the parking and charging industries and services, to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate EV charging service available, in one easy to use interface.

Parkopedia’s products and services are used by millions of drivers around the world every day, choosing their ideal parking from 70 million spaces across 15,000 cities and 89 countries. 

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