Successful project completion for Parkopedia takes drivers one step closer to fully autonomous parking

3 minute read

We are thrilled to announce we completed all the deliverables for the Autonomous Valet Parking...

Autoware AVP demo was successful!

2 minute read

We are proud to have supplied the map of AutonomouStuff car park in San Jose, CA where the Autoware...

How good are your probabilities?

10 minute read

Sander van Dijk discusses why and how you should apply the Brier Score and ground truth testing to...

Why comprehensive, accurate and granular geo-data is critical for in-car commerce

5 minute read

Parkopedia's COO Hans Puvogel shares his thoughts on why parking data and automated transactions...

Embracing Change - Introducing the new Parkopedia branding

2 minute read

Vision and innovation are at the core of our offering. Founder Eugene Tsyrklevich talks about...

Strategic learnings from COVID-19 for parking

4 minute read

Parking revenues have dramatically fallen due to COVID-19, but what are the potential long term...

How caution has hurt the parking industry

4 minute read

With rising levels of COVID-19, businesses including parking are struggling. What does the data...

Demonstrating Valet Parking with Park and Summon functions

3 minute read

Demo of automated valet parking with "Park" and "Summons" functionality to enable a driver to drop...

Parkopedia's business continuity response to the COVID-19 pandemic

2 minute read

Parkopedia is facing COVID-19 with a robust business continuity plan. Read on for more details