Coronavirus’s impact on traffic and parking in China

Parkopedia's China MD Ding Martin (Xian) explains how the Coronavirus epidemic has impacted daily life, commuting and industry in China. 

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Parkopedia's 2019 Year In Review


CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich reflects on 2019, where we had tremendous growth in revenue, employee retention, global data and transaction coverage, and looks forward to the challenges of the next decade.

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Localisation with Artificial Landmarks

A self-driving car looking for a space must know where it is on a map, and an equally precise map and localisation algorithm are required.

Robotics Software Engineer Federico Proni shares what Parkopedia and the AVP consortium are doing to develop a cost-efficient and scaleable localisation solution.




Striving for Continuous Improvement

Parkopedia's ISO certifications

Parkopedia has recently undertaken a number of ISO Standards certifications, standardising processes around Environmental Management, Quality Management and Security Management as we continue to grow.

Lewis Johnson explains why we've undertaken these certifications





Cashless economies and the effect on parking 

How do trends towards cashless societies impact parking, and how ready and willing are drivers to adopt digital payments for parking? What influence do factors including age and income have on the adoption of cashless parking payments?

CTO Paul Fazzino looks at the detail 



Transparency and Minimum Industry Standards

At Parkopedia, we have defined a set of core values for the company, which include being open and transparent. We are also encouraging the industry to strive towards a situation where all suppliers are held accountable to agreed standards.

CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich explains more



Autoware Workshop @ IV2019

Parkopedia presents

Parkopedia is contributing highly detailed mapping data for off-street car parks, one of the critical components to a car being able to successfully park autonomously.

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Ground Truth Testing:

Why It's All About the Detail

Ground Truth Testing is used to help evaluate quality amongst parking data providers. But is it really as straightforward as it first appears?

Lewis Johnson explains why it's all in the details




Five Key Questions to Ask Your Parking Data Provider

The choice of parking data provider is a decision which impacts thousands of driver experiences. Here, we cover five key questions you should be asking.

COO Dr. Hans Puvogel guides you through the key questions to ask



Why Predictions Beat Real-Time

(for on-street parking availability)

Is it always best to rely on real-time data, to the exclusion of other sources? What are the other options for data in parking, and what are their merits and drawbacks?

Dr Sander van Dijk examines the options.



Closing the gap between parking operators and auto manufacturers

How will current and future connected cars interact with today’s parking infrastructure? We look at the factors impacting the parking industry around in-vehicle connected services as they relate to parking, and give some suggestions on how both sides can work together.

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Does Being First to Market Help or Harm the Cause for Automated Parking?

Does being first to market and releasing a feature with areas that still need further development help or harm the cause for mass deployment of automated parking?

Dr. Brian Holt shares his thoughts


Video & Event

Halfway milestone reached & our first Autonomous Valet Parking demo at Cenex-CAM

As part of the AVP consortium, Dr. Brian Holt presented at the CENEX-CAM event 4-5 September in Millbrook, UK. We also demonstrated the progress made in the project, showing that the Autoware-based software on the Streetdrone was able to control the vehicle by following waypoints consistently and accurately.

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Why Parkopedia Believes in Autonomous Valet Parking

Parkopedia believes that Autonomous Valet Parking is an important way in which we can serve our customers, by reducing the hassle of the parking experience.

Read about Parkopedia's work with the AVP consortium




Autonomous Vehicles:

Will They Ever Be Able to Park?

Many industry insiders believe that parking is the first step to fully automated driving.


CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich talks through making this a reality



Autonomous Valet Parking will Lead Self-Driving Technology

Robo-taxis may get the headlines, but its autonomous valet parking that will actually lead adoption in self-driving technology.

Dr. Brian Holt explains more





The Parking Podcast

Iasiah Mouw of The Parking Podcast interviews Steve Hernandez, Parkopedia VP of Parking North America.

Steve Hernandez talks parking, connected vehicles and Cubs baseball




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