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Parkopedia is contributing highly detailed mapping data for off-street car parks, one of the critical components to a car being able to successfully park autonomously.

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Ground Truth Testing:

Why It's All About the Detail

Ground Truth Testing is used to help evaluate quality amongst parking data providers. But is it really as straightforward as it first appears?

Lewis Johnson explains why it's all in the details




Five Key Questions to Ask Your Parking Data Provider

The choice of parking data provider is a decision which impacts thousands of driver experiences. Here, we cover five key questions you should be asking.

Dr. Hans Puvogel guides you through the key questions to ask



Why Parkopedia Believes in Autonomous Valet Parking

Parkopedia believes that Autonomous Valet Parking is an important way in which we can serve our customers, by reducing the hassle of the parking experience.

Read about Parkopedia's work with the AVP consortium




Autonomous Vehicles:

Will They Ever Be Able to Park?

Many industry insiders believe that parking is the first step to fully automated driving.


Eugene Tsyrklevich talks through making this a reality



Autonomous Valet Parking will Lead Self-Driving Technology

Robo-taxis may get the headlines, but its autonomous valet parking that will actually lead adoption in self-driving technology.

Dr. Brian Holt explains more




The Parking Podcast

Iasiah Mouw of The Parking Podcast interviews Steve Hernandez, Parkopedia VP of Parking North America.

Steve Hernandez talks parking, connected vehicles and Cubs baseball




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