Why Predictions Beat Real-Time, Every Time (for On-Street Parking Availability)

Posted by Dr Sander van Dijk on 05 February 2020 11:24:31 GMT

Sander van Dijk_cropped_2As we move into a new decade, it’s safe to say that “real-time data” has become one of the key phrases of the 2000’s and 2010’s. Certainly with traffic information, real-time data has proven to be invaluable, giving drivers updates around potential traffic jams and providing options to change their route before running into heavy traffic. 

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Transparency and Minimum Industry Standards

Posted by Eugene Tsyrklevich, Founder & CEO on 22 July 2019 10:01:44 BST
Eugene Tsyrklevich_Parkopedia.jpg

When I started Parkopedia 12 years ago, I was driven by the need to alleviate the frustrations of drivers searching for parking. I knew nothing about the parking industry (apart from, perhaps, how to feed a parking meter), and it took Parkopedia a few years to build up the parking coverage to become interesting enough for an industry-focused product. Today, Parkopedia covers 70 million parking spaces across 89 countries globally and supplies parking services to over 20 of the world’s leading car brands, as well as mapping and navigation providers including Apple Maps, Garmin and TomTom.

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Topics: Quality, Parking, Data, Transparency, Industry Standards