Meet the Team

Eugene Tsyrklevich

Founder & CEO

Eugene Tsyrklevich_Parkopedia.jpg

Eugene launched Parkopedia after he drove to a conference in San Francisco in 2007 and struggled to find any useful parking information online. Eugene realised that drivers in Paris, Shanghai, London and thousands of other cities around the globe were probably struggling with the exact same problem every day, so launched Parkopedia with the mission of improving the world by delivering innovative parking solutions.

Eugene holds both a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.



Christina Martinez

Head of Human Resources & Customer Service

Christina Onesirosan-Martinez_cropped

Christina Martinez has been with Parkopedia since 2009. Having worked with Eugene previously, Christina was one of the first to be contacted to help him build the business, and has held multiple roles at the company, from marketing to global operations to HR, often at the same time!

Christina’s days are usually taken up with global operations matters such as liaising with HR across our global offices, discussing Finance matters with our Financial Director, and dealing with any escalated cases from the customer service team. 



Vladimir Gorodetki

Head of Data Team

Vladimir Gorodetki

Vladimir is responsible for the data management team, who ensure that Parkopedia’s data has global scale, accuracy and freshness. This entails developing working practices and processes for both online and on-the-ground surveyors, improving efficiency and verifying data accuracy. 

Prior to Parkopedia, Vladimir held various roles in the finance industry.

Dr. Hans Puvogel


Hans Puvogel_cropped

Hans's main responsibilities at Parkopedia include driving sales and marketing, as well as managing operations across Parkopedia’s markets in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. 

Prior to joining Parkopedia, Hans was General Manager at ICT Automotive and General Manager at INRIX Europe. Fluent in 6 languages, Hans has a 25 year track record in building and growing international businesses, as well as experience in software and data services for the automotive and telecommunications industry.



Dr. Sander van Dijk

Head of Data Science


Sander van Dijk_cropped

Based out of Parkopedia’s London office, Sander is responsible for leading the team developing parking predictive models using machine learning, deep learning and computer vision.

In his spare time, Sander is team leader at Bold Hearts: the University of Hertfordshire’s humanoid robot football team which participates in the yearly RoboCup world championship. Sander joined Parkopedia in 2013 and holds both an MSc and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.




Helen Miall

Global Marketing Director

Helen Miall

Helen has been with Parkopedia since January 2019, and is responsible for global marketing, with a focus on B2B communications, product marketing and brand.

Helen is passionate about the role which evolving technology plays in transforming everyday life, and seeing how it impacts across audiences. Prior to Parkopedia, she held senior marketing roles across the data and media industries, having started her career in consumer marketing within in the airline industry.

Paul Fazzino


Paul Fazzino_cropped-1

Paul has been with Parkopedia since 2012 and heads up the Technology division, responsible for managing the infrastructure across the organisation and the B2B/B2C services which form Parkopedia's core data/services business.

Paul works hand in hand with our clients, building products to service their current and future requirements while also running our day to day operation.

Paul has 25+ years experience in IT with a track record working at large international financial institutions building infrastructure and services.


Dr. Brian Holt

Head of Indoor Mapping


Brian Holt_headshot_cropped_2

Brian leads the R&D effort to develop detailed indoor maps for covered car parks and test the associated algorithms which will enable Autonomous Valet Parking to become a reality to the general public. Brian also led the 2018 consortium bid for the multi-million CAV3 project supported by the UK Government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, and now serves as Project Manager for the consortium.

An electronic engineer with in-depth machine learning and computer vision expertise, Brian holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Computer Vision from the University of Surrey.  


Ding Xian

General Manager, China


Ding Xian is responsible for operations, management and network development in China. Xian has been working to provide products and services customized for clients in China and to deliver win-win results with car manufacturers and software and hardware providers.

Xian has more than 15 years experience in the automobile components and head unit industries, and has held various roles in leading companies like Continental Automotive and Mitsubishi Electric.