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‘5 in 5’ with Dr. Brian Holt

Our CTO, Dr. Brian Holt, celebrates 5 years at Parkopedia with a '5 in' interview by sharing technical insights and thoughts on the future of the automotive industry.

Dr. Brian Holt, CTO

Brian leads our engineering teams as CTO covering product, platform and infrastructure, data science, computer vision and robotics. Prior to this he led the R&D effort to develop Indoor Maps, which also included the successfully completed multi-million pound AVP Project.

‘5 in 5’ with Dr. Brian Holt

7 minute read

Our CTO, Dr. Brian Holt, celebrates 5 years at Parkopedia with a '5 in' interview by sharing...

Successful project completion for Parkopedia takes drivers one step closer to fully autonomous parking

3 minute read

We are thrilled to announce we completed all the deliverables for the Autonomous Valet Parking...

Autoware AVP demo was successful!

2 minute read

We are proud to have supplied the map of AutonomouStuff car park in San Jose, CA where the Autoware...

Demonstrating Valet Parking with Park and Summon functions

3 minute read

Demo of automated valet parking with "Park" and "Summons" functionality to enable a driver to drop...

Does Being First to Market Help or Harm the Cause for Automated Parking?

3 minute read

Does being first to market releasing a feature with areas that need further development help or...

Halfway milestone reached & our first Autonomous Valet Parking demo at Cenex-CAM

2 minute read

Video of first public demo of the automated parking project from Parkopedia and the AVP consortium

Autoware workshop at IV2019

Parkopedia presents at Intelligent Vehicle Symposium 2019 on indoor mapping and discusses...

Autonomous Valet Parking, not robo-taxis, will lead self-driving technology

Robo-taxis may get the headlines, but Dr Brian Holt explains why its autonomous valet parking that...

Why Parkopedia Believes in Autonomous Valet Parking

3 minute read

Parkopedia believes that autonomous valet parking can reduce the hassle of a parking experience....