Embracing Change - Introducing the new Parkopedia branding

2 minute read

Parkopedia_Logo_RGBWhen Parkopedia was first conceived as the “Encyclopedia of Parking”, it was borne out of a frustration at not being able to find parking. 

Since then, the company has grown significantly, moved its corporate HQ to larger premises a number of times and expanded the product portfolio for both our consumer and business audiences. Today, not only do we provide parking information directly to drivers and through our automotive and navigation partnerships, but we also provide reservation and transaction services worldwide. More recently, we have begun developing an indoor mapping solution to enable cars to navigate within parking facilities with no GPS signal, which will in time, support automated valet parking.

Whilst our overall purpose remains the same - to improve the world by delivering innovative parking solutions - we felt the time was right to update our brand identity to reflect the vision and innovation that are at the core of our current offering, to better position Parkopedia for both today and tomorrow’s parking challenges.

Without change, you can’t move forward. As a company, we are continually innovating and enhancing our solutions for the industry and for drivers, and we therefore wanted our brand to equally reflect this. 

With a relentless passion to go further, higher and better for drivers, manufacturers and the industry; we are always pushing forward. By skillfully employing technology and innovation to solve real world problems, with knowledge, excellence and a conviction to do the right thing, we are the people driving a new era of intelligent parking, constantly thinking of new ways to improve every stage of the parking experience. 

We want to put smiles on the faces of millions of drivers everyday across the world and enable car manufacturers to get ahead of the curve, confident they have chosen a technology partner of unrivalled expertise. 

Parking is our passion, and it shows in everything we do.


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