Parkopedia services extended to include C-Class, E-Class, S-Class

Posted by Parkopedia News on 03 June 2019 11:18:53 BST
  • Parkopedia to provide Mercedes Benz cars with parking data for both off and on-street parking;

  • The parking service has been extended to complete range of passenger cars, including C-Class, E-Class & S-Class vehicles;

Detroit, MI, USA – January 15th, 2019

Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking services provider, announced today that its comprehensive suite of parking services has been extended to include the complete range of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. The parking service is now available in all head units as part of the Mercedes COMAND Online Navigation system or can be can be purchased as an additional service to the Navigation system in Europe and North America.

Parkopedia is providing drivers with a premium parking service in both Europe and North America; which includes detailed information on parking garages and street parking with detailed restriction information; as well as dynamic space availability. Drivers will also be able to book and pay for parking using their Mercedes-Benz user accounts

In addition to providing the service to new Mercedes-Benz cars, Parkopedia’s parking service will be made available in legacy vehicles that have been on the road for up to 3 years. In addition to launching in passenger cars, the Parkopedia service will also be available via the app.

Commenting on the announcement, Parkopedia’s COO Hans Puvogel said, “Parkopedia has been supplying both off-street and on-street data to certain Mercedes-Benz Car models, and this extension, which includes the complete range of Mercedes cars, reflects our superior quality and our continuous effort to develop the best possible parking solution for Mercedes drivers. To be the supplier to Mercedes-Benz Cars, whose claim is ‘The best or nothing’, is a real honour”.

The announcement was made at the Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS), January 2019

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Parkopedia and Zhitu Map Joint Venture

Posted by Parkopedia News on 03 June 2019 11:18:24 BST
  • The new Joint Venture will create a unique suite of on-street parking services for Smart Cities and the automotive industry in China;

  • This joint venture adds to Zhitu Map’s suite of geospatial services for Smart Cities and cements Parkopedia’s position as the leading parking services provider for the automotive industry in China;

  • Parkopedia currently provides an automotive grade parking service to a number of leading brands in China, including Audi, BMW, JLR, Mazda, Porsche and Volkswagen. This is in addition to over 18 automotive brands across Europe, the Americas and APAC.

Shanghai, China, 28th August 2018

Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking services provider, announced today a joint venture with Zhitu Map - China’s leading geospatial surveying company. This joint venture will provide hundreds of millions of Chinese drivers with up to date on-street parking data, including space availability information, which will allow drivers to go directly to an open parking space instead of circling the block searching for one.

The joint venture will leverage Parkopedia's position as the global leader in the automotive digital parking services sector as well as Zhitu Map's unparalleled knowledge in the field of surveying and mapping. The main aim of the joint venture is to create a unique customer offering in China, which will tackle the challenges of urban mobility head on whilst improving the quality of life in big cities.

Commenting on the announcement, Parkopedia’s CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich said, “We are thrilled to extend our very successful cooperation with Zhitu Map to this new venture. Since the opening of our Shanghai office in 2014, Parkopedia has firmly established itself as the parking services leader in China. The automotive industry in China has long recognised the quality of Parkopedia’s premium grade off-street service and extending our service to include on-street was the next logical step”.

He Xiaojun, Chairman and Founder of Zhitu Map, added “We are delighted to partner with Parkopedia and look forward to taking smart city parking services in China to the next level. Zhitu Map continues to increase its investment in research and development and will also focus on technological innovation in areas such as smart parks, smart cities, smart transportation and other fields. The application of big data and the continuous development of new products will make cities more liveable while also improving people’s lives”.

The joint venture will be based in Yangzhou (Jiangsu province) and will launch operations towards the end of 2018.

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Parkopedia announces Global Partnership Deal with Flowbird (formerly Parkeon)

Posted by Parkopedia News on 03 June 2019 11:18:06 BST
  • Parkopedia to provide Flowbird with off-street parking data for its Path to Park app;

  • Flowbird to provide Parkopedia with on-street parking availability data to be used across Parkopedia’s B2B and B2C services;

  • Initial launch in Europe and North America;

Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 21st, 2018

Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking services provider, today announced a global partnership deal with Flowbird (formerly known as Parkeon), the world leading provider of parking infrastructure and services for municipal and commercial parking operators. Parkopedia will provide Flowbird with off-street parking data and booking capabilities for its Path to Park app. In addition, Flowbird will market Parkopedia’s data and services as part of its full suite of products and services for municipal and commercial parking operators.

In turn, Flowbird will provide Parkopedia with its unique on-street parking data exclusively, which Parkopedia will use to further improve its on-street parking data for consumers and B2B customers.

Commenting on the announcement, Parkopedia’s CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich said, “This partnership between two global leaders in parking is extremely exciting as it brings a huge amount of added value to automotive OEMs and parking operators globally”.

Flowbird’s’s CEO, Bertrand Barthélemy, added “We are very much looking forward to working with Parkopedia and integrating the services of the global leader in automotive parking services into our growing digital product portfolio for the parking industry”.

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Parkopedia Selected to Provide Audi with Global In-car Parking Service

Posted by Parkopedia News on 03 June 2019 11:17:14 BST
  • Audi switches to Parkopedia’s service after comprehensive testing across major global cities;

  • The new service includes on-street and off-street information as well as dynamic space availability and other features, which will support future parking services delivered by Audi;

  • Markets covered include Europe, the Americas, Japan, Australasia, Middle East and Africa.

  • Audi China has been using Parkopedia since January 2017.

TU-Automotive Detroit, June 7th 2017

Parkopedia, the world’s largest parking service provider, announced today that it has been selected to be the new global provider of Audi’s premium in-car parking services as of June 2017.

The Parkopedia premium parking service will include off-street and on-street parking data as well as dynamic space availability for both legacy installed and new vehicles.

“We are honoured to have been selected by Audi to be their global parking services provider” commented Parkopedia’s CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich. He added that “Audi is a leader in innovation and renowned for providing high quality connected services. We look forward to working together to contribute to Audi’s initiatives in taking in-car parking services to the next level”.

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