Parkopedia's 2019 Year In Review

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Parkopedia had another fantastic year in 2019 with continued double digit growth across all of its core business KPIs. In the past 4 years alone, Parkopedia has more than quadrupled its revenue, number of employees and global data and transaction coverage.

When I had the original idea for Parkopedia in 2007 (after not being able to find a parking space in San Francisco) I envisaged a service that would provide information on parking lots around the world. Since then, Parkopedia has evolved into a sophisticated provider of not only static on-street and off-street parking information in 15,000 cities across 89 countries but also a provider of accurate dynamic space availability predictions powered by billions of data points generated by Parkopedia’s automotive partners around the world. Despite already being the largest provider of parking information globally, in 2019 we grew our global static and dynamic coverage by an additional 30%.

To further simplify drivers’ lives, Parkopedia also enables drivers and cars to reserve parking, pay for on-demand parking locations as well as seamlessly enter and exit access and pay enabled parking facilities. Parkopedia does that by partnering with the best in class parking payment providers across the globe. Just last week at CES 2020, we announced that Parkopedia now provides highly automated payments directly from the in-car dashboard

As we enter a new decade, at Parkopedia we recognise that in the future vehicles will be parking autonomously. To enable autonomous parking, Parkopedia has been creating high-definition maps of indoor parking facilities that will be used by self-driving cars in conjunction with Parkopedia’s data and transactions products. To ensure we fully understand the challenges faced by the automotive industry when bringing self-parking solutions to the market, Parkopedia has been working on its own self-driving car that can park autonomously using its own indoor parking maps. Parkopedia will be demonstrating this fully autonomous parking capabilities using its self-driving car later this year.

Finally, to ensure we can maintain our explosive growth while providing the highest quality products and services, Parkopedia has recently obtained a number of certifications, namely ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 27001 (Security Management). We have also more than doubled our office footprint around the world this year to accommodate all the new colleagues we have been welcoming into our offices. Last but certainly not least, Parkopedia’s employees not only delivered all of the amazing results described above but also found the time to continue to volunteer in 2019 completing two forest cleanups as well as organising events and funds for the elderly, disabled individuals and families in need.

As we move into a new decade, Parkopedia continues to invest in technological innovation to ensure we are always meeting the changing needs of cars and drivers. Never standing still, we persist with searching for new ways to improve the parking experience, to ensure parking is as painless and enjoyable as possible, from the quality and coverage of our static and dynamic data globally, to enabling ever more drivers and cars to pay for parking seamlessly.

Wishing everyone a happy and productive 2020!

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