Nie wieder “Knöllchen” - mit der Parkopedia App parken sie immer gut

No More Parking Tickets!

German magazine recommends the Parkopedia app as one of the coolest apps to find free parking.

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Honda Dream Drive in-car infotainment and driving launch

CES coverage

Honda announced a new in-car experience, the "Dream Drive" at CES 2019. The app is mostly focused on voice search, and helps users find parking, fuel, make reservations or order food.

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APCOA - Digital evolution and the importance of sites like Parkopedia

APCOA CEO Philippe Op de Beeck

Philippe Op de Beeck provided his thoughts to Parking Network on collaboration for parking talks.

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2018 Small Business Executive of the Year: Eugene Tsyrklevich

Consumer Technology Association awards

Parkopedia CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich was named as the 2018 Small Business Executive of the Year at the Consumer Technology Association's Innovation Entrepreneur Awards 2018.

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