Why comprehensive, accurate and granular geo-data is critical for in-car commerce

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Parkopedia's COO Hans Puvogel shares his thoughts on why parking data and automated transactions...

Strategic learnings from COVID-19 for parking

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Parking revenues have dramatically fallen due to COVID-19, but what are the potential long term...

How caution has hurt the parking industry

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With rising levels of COVID-19, businesses including parking are struggling. What does the data...

Coronavirus’s impact on traffic and parking in China

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Managing Director for China, Ding Xian, explains the impacts Coronavirus has on families, traffic...

Why Predictions Beat Real-Time, Every Time (for On-Street Parking Availability)

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Parkopedia's 2019 Year In Review

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Eugene Tsyrklevich, Founder & CEO, reflects on 2019. Read about our growth in revenue, employee...

Bridging the Gap: How Parking Operators & Auto Brands Can Work Together

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The gap between parking operators and auto manufacturers must be overcome in order to support...

Localisation with Artificial Landmarks

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A self-driving car looking for a space must know where it is on a map, and an equally precise map...

Halfway milestone reached & our first Autonomous Valet Parking demo at Cenex-CAM

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Video of first public demo of the automated parking project from Parkopedia and the AVP consortium