2 Apr 2020

Demonstrating Valet Parking with Park and Summon functions

Demo of automated valet parking with "Park" and "Summons" functionality to enable a driver to drop off and collect a vehicle in a designated parking zone.

18 Mar 2020

Parkopedia's business continuity response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Parkopedia is facing COVID-19 with a robust business continuity plan. Read on for more details

19 Feb 2020

Coronavirus’s impact on traffic and parking in China

Managing Director for China, Ding Xian, explains the impacts Coronavirus has on families, traffic and parking.

5 Feb 2020

Why Predictions Beat Real-Time, Every Time (for On-Street Parking Availability)

Is it always best to rely on real-time data, to the exclusion of other sources? Parkopedia's Head of Data Science Sander van Dijk examines the options.

30 Jan 2020

Parkopedia and CloudCar announce global partnership

Parkopedia announces a cloud-based integration to enable complete, predictive parking services through the CloudCar infotainment platform globally.

20 Jan 2020

Parkopedia's 2019 Year In Review

Eugene Tsyrklevich, Founder & CEO, reflects on 2019. Read about our growth in revenue, employee retention, global data and transaction coverage.

13 Jan 2020

Bridging the Gap: How Parking Operators & Auto Brands Can Work Together

The gap between parking operators and auto manufacturers must be overcome in order to support connected cars.

6 Jan 2020

Parkopedia to provide highly automated payments directly from the in-car dashboard

The new on-demand parking service offers drivers an easy solution for parking payments, through their Single Sign-On account with the automotive manufacturer, directly from the comfort of their vehicle.

6 Jan 2020

Parkopedia und EasyPark: Partnerschaft für automatisiertes Bezahlen von Parkvorgängen direkt im Auto in-car dashboard

The new on-demand parking service offers drivers an easy solution for parking payments, through their Single Sign-On account with the automotive manufacturer, directly from the comfort of their vehicle.

18 Dec 2019

Localisation with Artificial Landmarks

A self-driving car looking for a space must know where it is on a map, and an equally precise map and localisation algorithm are required.

21 Oct 2019

Does Being First to Market Help or Harm the Cause for Automated Parking?

Does being first to market releasing a feature with areas that need further development help or harm the cause for mass deployment of automated parking?

17 Oct 2019

Striving for continuous improvement

Our ISO Standards certifications, standardising processes as we grow, for Environmental Management, Quality Management and Security.

9 Sep 2019

Halfway milestone reached & our first Autonomous Valet Parking demo at Cenex-CAM

Video of first public demo of the automated parking project from Parkopedia and the AVP consortium

15 Aug 2019

Autonomous parking public demo debut

Details of the first public demonstration of the Parkopedia and AVP consortium autonomous parking system in action.

14 Aug 2019

Cashless economies and the effect on parking

How do trends towards cashless societies impact parking, and how ready and willing are drivers to adopt digital payments for parking?

22 Jul 2019

Transparency and Minimum Industry Standards

CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich discusses transparency and quality, and why Parkopedia has signed up to the Alliance for Parking Data Standards.

5 Jun 2019

Autofahrer wollen integriertes, personalisiertes Parken

Insights from Parkopedia's 2019 Driver Survey, with responses from 3,020 consumers across Germany, UK and USA.

5 Jun 2019

What motorists want: Integrated, personalised parking

Insights from Parkopedia's 2019 Driver Survey, with responses from 3,020 consumers across Germany, UK and USA.

4 Jun 2019

Autoware workshop at IV2019

Parkopedia presents at Intelligent Vehicle Symposium 2019 on indoor mapping and discusses Autoware's impact on autonomous driving.

3 Jun 2019

Ground Truth Testing - Why It's All About the Detail

Ground Truth Testing is used to help evaluate quality amongst parking data providers. But is it really as straightforward as it first appears?

3 Jun 2019

Parking, Connected Vehicles and Baseball

Conversation between Steve Hernandez and Isaiah Mouw of The Parking Podcast, discussing parking, connected vehicles and baseball.

3 Jun 2019

Five Key Questions to Ask Your Parking Data Provider

The choice of parking data provider is a decision which impacts thousands of driver experiences. Here, we cover five key questions you should be asking.

3 Jun 2019

Autonomous Valet Parking, not robo-taxis, will lead self-driving technology

Robo-taxis may get the headlines, but Dr Brian Holt explains why its autonomous valet parking that will actually lead adoption in self-driving technology.

3 Jun 2019

Video: Will Autonomous Vehicles Ever Be Able to Park?

Will Autonomous Vehicles ever be able to park? Watch Parkopedia Founder & CEO discuss the steps must happen to make this a reality.

3 Jun 2019

Why Parkopedia Believes in Autonomous Valet Parking

Parkopedia believes that Autonomous Valet Parking can reduce the hassle of the parking experience. Here's what we're doing to make it a reality.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia launches parking services in A-Class in China

Parkopedia now provides off-street parking data in the MBUX navigation system, starting with the new Mercedes Benz A-class cars in China.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia appoints Derek Rohloff VP Automotive, N. America and Tom Sexton Head of Business Development, N. America

Derek Rohloff joins as Vice President of Automotive, North America, whilst Tom Sexton joins as Head of Business Development, North America

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia services extended to include C-Class, E-Class, S-Class

Parkopedia to provide Mercedes Benz cars with parking data for both off and on-street parking, including C-Class, E-Class & S-Class vehicles;

3 Jun 2019

Honda Dream Drive to deliver next-gen Infotainment, Commerce, Services and Rewards to Drivers and Passengers

Honda Dream Drive enables drivers to pay for goods and services like fuel, movie tickets and parking.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia and Zhitu Map Joint Venture

Parkopedia and Zhitu Map Joint Venture creates a unique suite of on-street parking services for Smart Cities and the automotive industry in China.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia announces Global Partnership Deal with Flowbird (formerly Parkeon)

Partnership between Parkopedia and Flowbird covers off-street parking data and on-street parking availability data.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia to provide Volkswagen with parking services globally

Parkopedia will provide both on-street and off-street parking services for VW Group, integrated into the Volkswagen Car-Net Guide & Inform services.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia Wins Grant to Accelerate Development of Autonomous Valet Parking Technology

Parkopedia wins multi-million pound grant award from the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles to accelerate Autonomous Valet Parking technology.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia Selected to Provide Audi with Global In-car Parking Service

Audi switches to Parkopedia’s service for on-street and off-street information as well as dynamic space availability.

3 Jun 2019

Parkopedia launches 2017 Global Parking Index

Global Parking Index report shows New York is the most expensive city for short-term parking, London is the most expensive city for monthly parking.